Packed limestone slabs ready to be exported to the United States

Order NO. Country Details CAD NO. Delivery Date
United States
Quantity: 500 square meters

Material: limestone
May 27, 2022
A total of 500 square meters of limestone slabs have been produced, our workers are loading, this is an order placed by our American customer, the color is gray and pink, the surface treatment is matte. Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, also known as limestone. Limestone, granite and marble are the three most common natural building materials. Its advantages are sound absorption, moisture absorption, heat insulation, and weather resistance. The color and texture change is small, and it can be used in a large area. The disadvantage is that it requires high processing technology and the material of different types of limestone varies greatly. Beautiful in texture and color, with uniform and stable color lines and great texture, limestone is often used in exterior walls of buildings. It is an irreplaceable stone used for European palaces. For example: the office building of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the Meixiu Art Museum, the French LV flagship store, the east facade of the Louvre Museum, etc. On the other hand, limestone is also softer than granite, and it is prone to chipping during handling, but it can be repaired. Large-sized finished products are difficult to process and should not be cut too thin.

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